Monday, December 10, 2007

Ron Paul

I saw Oprah giving her speech for (as Ann Coulter calls him) B. Hussein Obama, and she commented on how real and sincere he is. It reminded me an interview I saw with Ron Paul. I don't know much about him, and by using CNN's political ticker to keep tabs with the political news I'm not learning much about him either. I'm beginning to think the first video below on media bias has a real bone to pick after all (of course, I didn't *really* doubt could I?!)

Here is an interview of Ron Paul's with CBS' "Face the Nation."

I wish CNN would pay more attention to this man. He seems like he has much wisdom to offer the nation, and get the US to start thinking outside of the same old political box we've been locked inside for (at least) a couple of decades.

**Update** I was able to watch my first Republican debate thanks to, and I have to admit, Ron Paul seemed like a raging river of passion. He could hardly contain himself when it was his turn to answer the question. He seemed....overzealous.