Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Newfound Blog

I've known about Spunky from SpunkyHomeSchool for a long time. She's one of "the biggies." I never made an attempt to visit her on a daily (or weekly) basis, but I am really beginning to see her site, her research, and her writing as a treasure chest of knowledge. Her archives are amazing! Most of her posts have to do with homeschooling and family, and I love how many of them are tied in with what is going on in the world.

Did you hear about the investigation the Dallas Morning News did on the DISD's spending habits? Teachers are given credit cards that work like this:

Card users are not responsible for paying their bills. Instead, the district gets one giant bill a month that includes the spending on all cards. DISD then pays that bill in one lump payment, usually around $1.5 million a month.
It was found that the card holders (DISD teachers) are abusing what was originally implemented to keep costs down:
The district launched its procurement card program seven years ago to eliminate the cost of processing purchase orders for low-cost, everyday items...

They're spending on items like this: a $200 blanket and pillow set from The Land of Nod, $1,700 in electric scooters, $200 in moisturizer from Bath and Body Works, and a $24.95 charge to an online dating service,
This is outrageous. Do you realize that this is *our* money? Where I lived in Dallas we paid almost $5000 dollars at the end of the year to the school district. **And it was being spent on Christmas gifts and body lotion from that artificially smelling, girly place.** I am appalled, can you tell?

This is only the second link of many I will provide to Spunky's blog, because I keep reading great posts from her, but then cannot find them again. See reminder below:

(Let me remind you [and myself] that I created this blog [out of obligation] to document all the evidence to back up our convictions: articles, factual data, blogs, etc, so if I seem to simply be regurgitating what Spunky and others have said, that's why.)

I love you, my multiple readers (hah!)

Monday, July 17, 2006

What the State Owes Women (With Their Own Tax Dollars, Of Course)

Spunky over at SpunkyHomeschool has the funniest *short* reply to Leslie Morgan Steiner. Who on earth is Leslie Morgan Steiner? Well I don't know, but what Spunky has to say in response to her demands of how Government should be taking care of working women's needs is just too funny not to pass on to you (that being if anyone still visits since I haven't posted a thing in a month). Go read it...

I Am Woman! Hear Me Whine!