Thursday, April 20, 2006

Thoughts on Mothering

I just don't have strength, ladies. I have been laying in bed for a week watching the second season of 24 * (thanks, friend!), and have no energy to do anything else. Malachi says, "I like it when you're not feeling well, Mama. We get to watch T.V.!" Thanks, Malachi. I love you, too!
Last night, though, I found my way to the Choosing Home blog and read deep into the night about the journey of motherhood. It is a struggle sometimes, especially when we are living far away from Jesus. Without a *close* relationship with Him, parenting is really trying. I'm sending you to the blog to read these articles because often times mothers feel alone in their struggles. I know I sure do. The first one hits the closest to home. The second is a parenting philosophy I whole heartedly agree with, and the third, from BlestWithSons, is how I used to feel. God answered my prayers, and now I am a part of the body of Christ that actually *works*. And by that little word I mean, I feel a part of It, finally. The older women are *Titus 2* women, and the younger women are being encouraged in their God-given roles. Oh how I love Grace Church! Anyhow, since I don't have the time (because when I have the energy I do have three little kiddos to take care of!), I'm sending you off to other women whose insights are powerful and helpful to the soul. With love...

My Parenting Mistakes, My Mothering Journey

Gentle Discipline: Grace and Righteousness Together

Titus Moms- MIA

*this link is a little racy, but it sums up Jack Bauer- and many of them are funny!

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