Friday, May 11, 2007

I'm famous! I'm famous!

Well, not quite. I'm actually a little fashion illiterate, so I've kept Rebecca busy at Between My Peers answering a few of my "fashion-illiterate-person-needs-to-know" questions.

Here and here.

And *then*! Take a look at this one! I'm online! Hurray! It's kind of one of those moments where you say, "Oh! My eyes! I can't take it!" I really need to get rid of the excess baby lovin' that forms the new me, but it *is* fun to get feedback about outfits and the chocolate brown jacket I couldn't figure out how to wear!
So I've been meaning to point you all (three) in the direction of Rebecca's blog. It's become a daily read, and has really helped me thin down my closet and focus on what really does look good on me. Knowing the right colors, for me, has given purpose to my shopping. And what more could a girl want than *purpose* for shopping!

Thanks, Rebecca!

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Rebecca said...

Thanks Bonnie! It's such fun to have you in the conversation!