Wednesday, November 7, 2007

The Business of Being Born

Or, What Every Woman in the States Needs to See. How birthing is done in America needs some serious reconsideration if *45%* of births in 2005 were actually Cesarians. I've already done a post on Hospital Births, but I wanted you to see this amazing trailer of an up-and-coming documentary that actually gets it right...are you willing to listen?

The Business of Being Born

I'll remind you that once upon a time I had no idea what was really going on in the hospital concerning birthing and our precious children. I went right along with what I was told because I assumed that doctors wanted the best for me and my baby. Ladies (and gentlemen), that just isn't true. If it were, they would tell you all the risks involved when you get an epidural, or pitocin, or they wouldn't force you to stay hungry during birth, or get an IV that straps you on your back during back labor.

I *need* to inform people. I want women to make decisions based on knowledge. Only then can they decide what is *truly* best for them and their baby.

What do you think? Did this trailer cause your blood to stir as it did mine?

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