Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Celebrity Endorsment

Remember all the hype about End of the Spear? Multitudes of Christians came out and said they would *not* see it because the main character, Nate Saint, was played by a well known gay activist.
As the true story goes, three families venture off to a remote tribe of peoples who are supposedly the most violent bunch around. The three fathers set off to make initial contact with the tribe, telling their children,"No, we are not going to use our weapons. We are ready to die, but they are not." Almost as soon as the men get off their plane (or boat), the tribesmen kill them. Steve Saint is Nate Saint's son (one of the fathers who were killed), and was a co-producer of End of the Spear. Now, as I understand the facts, the three families stayed near the tribe they intended on witnessing to, and eventually became like family to the tribe. One of the men who killed Steve's father is considered by Steve a grandfather ( I heard them on *deep announcer voice here* (as my son enjoys mimicking) The Michael Medved Show).
The controversy was huge in the blogosphere: debate on whether it matters what actors lifestyles are like, debate on whether Christians should support the film, debate on whether we should endorse actors who blatantly sin in real life. The movie flopped. Christians didn't go see it because of the gay activist portraying such a Godly man, and unbelievers didn't go see it because it was a Christian movie.
And now, I bring you the point of the post:
Today, as I was heating up soup (*yes* from a can. I have felt so lousy lately that I have depended on canned food from the grocery store. yikes!), I noticed an ad for Seventh Heaven (which just so happens to be a Chritian TV show - almost). Near the picture of the "family" it said, "Not intended as a celebrity endorsment." Is that crazy? Does this mean that companies, maybe even the media, are catching on that Christians are a powerful group of people? Do you think this is connected to the End of the Spear controversy? I am amazed at this little disclaimer and am wondering what else it is popping up on.

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