Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Birth Control

Here's Al Mohler again. Maybe I should do some checking into this guy considering he's all over the internet...but anyway, I find his article on birth control very interesting, and would like to point out some interesting things I see with his "solution." This commenter from mommylife sums up what I'm thinking...

I love when Protestants "rethink" birth control. At least they're not just blindly popping the Pill...but it seems to me that whenever Protestants address this issue, they get *almost* to the point (children are blessings, why are we seeking to prevent them?) and then start backpeddling madly (but it's ok to prevent them if we have the right heart, and the trouble of children outweighs their "blessing-ness").

The other comments are worth reading as well (there's only a handful, and it's Holly's I appreciate so much), just so's you might broaden your thinking on the topic of big families. God is so good!

I'll post my thoughts on Mohler's solutions in a to get dinner together and run off to church!

5 thoughts:

Celi said...

Thank you for all of your wonderful finds, sister. This is an issue you and I both agree on. I am currently using NFP (Natural Family Planning) as our method of birth control, but by doing so am I just kidding myself? Am I still taking this portion of my life out of God's hands? There is the age old argument that I know I used in the past "Well, if God intends me to have this child NO method of birth control will prevent this from happening." The Bible says we are not to tempt the Lord our God, but by thinking this way are we not tempting him? Am I still tempting him by using NFP? What do you think?

magnolia's mama said...

Celi, I'm not sure I agree with you on, "If God wants me to have this child..." There are consequences to our actions, and if we are doing what we can to avoid children, God might just not give them to us. This could be a devastating realization for someone later in life. Who can know the mind of God?

I'm not sure I know what you mean by tempting Him. Tempting Him to give or not to give?

Celi said...

tempting him to do either to bless or not to bless. I think you do agree with me on this issue. Take a second and read what I said again. I think you missed something.

magnolia's mama said...

God may want to bless us with children, but if we are doing what we can to stop Him, I don't see it as a gauruntee that He will force His will upon us. I know I have made similar statements in the past regarding the assumption that He would get that baby through no matter what, but I have come to realize that He gives us free will for a reason. Women who have IUDs and think they cannot get pregnant will often times end up having ectopic pregnancies or miscarriages. It comes with IUD territory. Sure a woman can get pregnant still with an IUD, I'm sure it happens, and seeing as God is the Giver of Life, He obviously has something to do with that, but it isn't a gauruntee that He will thwart your will and interject His.
I have no scripture to back myself up (and I'm too lazy to do the work right now), but from what I've learned about God and His word, I think this is a pretty safe arguement.

Celi said...