Saturday, June 10, 2006


I love Ebay. I rarely buy things off it, but I love to look. In fact, I was just there tonight looking at all the pretty pink and silver birkenstocks...oh how I'd love to have a pair! (I tried to convince hubby that pregnant women really *do* need new birks...*sigh*)

Anyhow, I came across this *awesome* Ebay song at Mommylife- Weird Al is close to our hearts here in the castle domain...DearHubby and I can hum the same tune but when we start to sing, I'm singing Madonna's version and he is singing Weird Al's. It's so cruel; he will begin humming some tune, or outright singing some goofy song he knows from childhood, and for the next three days I'm singing the *real* version- usually Michael Jackson's "Beat It." So annoying!

So here it is. This is hilarious and the lyrics are there too!

The Ebay Song

(p.s. those pink shoes from Ebay are my wedding shoes...but mine are off white!)

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