Monday, November 13, 2006

"Natalists"- a definition from the New York Times

I was surprised to see this editorial come from the New York Times- as liberal as it is. But this guy has hit the mark in many ways when it comes to famlies who choose to have more than 2.3 children.

Natalists are associated with red America, but they're not launching a jihad. The differences between them and people on the other side of the cultural or political divide are differences of degree, not kind. Like most Americans, but perhaps more anxiously, they try to shepherd their kids through supermarket checkouts lined with screaming Cosmo or Maxim cover lines. Like most Americans, but maybe more so, they suspect that we won't solve our social problems or see improvements in our schools as long as many kids are growing up in barely functioning families.
He has documented a trend here, and he is surprisingly accurate.

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