Thursday, May 31, 2007

A reNEWed Interest

I'm really getting in to some of the fashion blogs out there in the blog-world, and even one "interior design" blog, which I've linked to on my side-bar. Those of you who knew me in my teenage days know that I loved clothes. My senior year in high school I never wore the same outfit twice* (with a nod to the old-school Goodwill prices). Even in junior high, little ole me was nominated for best dressed (a scantily clad beauty won the award though...wonder who was voting for *her*). Since my third precious child came along, I've not had the money or the body to "wear what I want," so fashion has fallen to the way-side as I've focused on more practical things like groceries, diapers, clean counters, vacuumed floors, scrubbed toilets, get the picture.

But then I found Rebecca's blog. It amazes me how much impact it's had on my little life. It sparked life back into my creative self, allowing me to focus a little more on *me*. It sounds selfish, but it feels healthy. It's nice to walk out the door knowing I look my best (which still isn't great, or perfect, or where I want to be).
And it's fun to see pictures of the fun outfits others have created. Thriftyspend has pictures up almost everyday. Here's a pic of her "day job"...looks familiar doesn't it!

*this is really something to be proud of, huh?

1 thoughts:

Rebecca said...

Thanks for the mention, Bonnie.

It won't take over your life forever. ;)