Monday, June 4, 2007

an innovative solution to the "sneaking food" problem

My babies...the ones that can walk, talk, and throw fits, have been sneaking food on a daily basis. They'll wake up at 5 am, open the fridge, and take out whatever their little hearts desire. Lately it's been the (buy one get one free) all natural hotdogs from Wild Oats. These puppies are delicious, expensive, and do *not* under any circumstances belong on the floor half eaten.

It's one thing for them to get food out because they are hungry and eat what they find, but they take food and play with it. Yesterday it was the buns, all torn up into little pieces. Last week it was chocolate muffins (eaten, yes, but with a million little crumbs all over the bed, floors, pillows, etc). One morning they got a new pack of hotdogs out, the three year old cut the pack open, and then proceeded to cut the dogs up into 1 inch pieces and throw them behind her bed. Why? Only Heaven knows. We *do* follow the recommendations of the If-Then chart if you are concerned that we don't adequately discipline our children. We do. Begrudgingly sometimes, but we do.

So last night, after disciplining sweet number two for the millionth time for this repeat offense (this time it was a scoop of sour cream...with her hand), my husband devised a plan. Have free gun locks? Don't have a gun? I bet you have a refrigerator!

2 thoughts:

MInTheGap said...

Who knows why kids get the things in their minds that they do. This thing with food would be funny if it weren't so wasteful or if it just happened once.

That's a pretty innovative solution for sure.

bonnie: said...

You're right. If they were actually eating what they got out it'd be another really bothers us that they are wasting it!
One of my friends suggested I make them some salt dough. Maybe they *need* to dig their hands into something!