Wednesday, June 13, 2007

'Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus

A couple of quotes that resonated recently:

From Joy & Strength:

WHAT we should do is really, very often, to be still. And if we want something to make us more active and energetic, watchful and holy, I know but one thought, that is faith,--faith producing love. More trust and confidence and joy in God would be the secret--the only true or successful secret--of more goodness. And this should come quietly and calmly, not in great effort; this kingdom of God has come not with observation. Rest and quiet growth are what you want.

From Central Covenant Affirmations:

WE know that by nature we have no good in us. If there is to be any good in us, it must be brought about by God. To this end the word of God is the powerful means, since faith must be enkindled through the gospel.. . .The more at home the word of God is among us, the more we shall bring about faith and its fruits.

Worth Repeating:

The More at Home the Word of God Is Among Us,
The More We Shall Bring About Faith and its Fruits.

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